This is the way we work

We can tailor our services to fit your needs, but generally we work under these offerings.


One-time container fee, 20% First year's base salary

This is our most common, as it allows us to establish a partnership, while proving our worth, and putting our money where out mouth is. The initial fee is credited back at first placement, and is a one-time fee. Agreement then roles into traditional "Contingent".


Fixed-fee monthly agreement

This is a popular offering for companies that are really looking to scale. We keep the pipeline full of candidates while allowing the company to shuffle needs around. Companies agree to an initial 6-month agreement, with 6-month renewal periods.


Smaller fixed-fee monthly agreement, plus % of first year's base salary

Similar to the "Continuous", but for companies who might need a little less up front cost. We push off part of the guarantee to the backend, saving the company some money while we prove our worth. Also 6-month contract periods.

Some questions,
some answers.

Have a look at my most frequently asked questions.
Do you offer discounts?

We feel we are more competitive than any other recruiting firm out there, and the plans we offer will stand up. If you have certain needs outside of the above scope, don't hesitate to contact us. We can work with you, and understand the early days of keeping as much cash as you can in reserves.

I’m looking for different service

We do offer consulting services outside of traditional recruiting. We have helped many companies shape their hiring strategy, coming up with a plan on who to recruit at what stage, so please reach out if you have something else you need on top, or instead of, traditional recruiting.

How involved are you in the recruiting process?

Really this is up to you (as much or as little as you need). Generally, we do all the up front leg work, pre-screening/1st Interview, gathering details/resume and submitting, handle everything through the interview process, negotiate the offer, etc. We can be completely hands-on, or let you take the lead.

We need people outside the US, do you do that?

Absolutely! We have recruited on every continent. While most of the business is domestic (US/Canada), we have helped open offices for startups in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia/New Zealand, and Africa. If you are either based overseas, or a US based company looking to expand, we have the reach into all regions to help you build out.

Grow your startup with confidence

You will see the results immediately after partnering with us on your talent roadmap. We guarantee it