We have built our reputation on holding ourselves to a higher standard.  With our expectations already set high, our clients can be assured that theirs will be more than met.  We have a very diverse background, spanning various industries, but the common thread is hard work and dedication to our craft.  You will be very impressed with what we can deliver.

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Dan Buffkin - President/CEO

Dan started HighPointe Partners in 2006, and has grown the company exponentially since that time.  It started out more as a hobby, but as he studied the technology industry more and more, he realized that with his background in sales and personal contacts, he could transform the business of recruiting.  Bringing tremendous ethics and a passion for helping build companies, he decided it was time to really make HighPointe Partners a sustainable business.  There is nothing more enjoyable than being that resource that helped shape a company during its' initial stages.

Prior to HighPointe Partners, Dan had a long successful journey in the world of real estate, as an agent and a partner in several development opportunities.  While working with his clients, he developed a passion for "building" and that holds true today.  

It all started is his earliest days as a sportscaster, but that story is reserved for another day :).