Senior Software Engineer - Seattle

We are looking for a senior software engineer to tackle interesting data storage, access, and presentation problems and mentor others in a collaborative environment.  This is all done in the context of a small but stable software business that values solving customer problems, challenging work, and fulfilling lives outside of work.  Join our team as we find and root out evil on the Internet every day! 

Our Challenges 

We have two big challenges: collecting the right data from the web about brand and product content in context, and filtering that data down to the specific incidences that are of concern to our customers.  We solve brand protection problems in online content in automated and creative ways. 

The first piece is a big directed-crawling challenge, as we want to hit the interesting pages without having the resources to crawl the entire web.  This involves interpreting signals to determine whether following a link is likely to be interesting along with a typical spectrum of web crawling concerns. 

The second piece is filtering the content we find for the customer.  We use primarily heuristic-based solutions today, but expect to increasingly incorporate machine learning and natural language processing for identification of content in the future. For example, we’re using machine learning to predict how customers will categorize issues based on their previous reviews.  

In some cases we are also detecting intentionally bad behavior, in a cat and mouse game to discover those bad (though intelligent) actors. 

Join our team and help to address these challenges while learning cool new technologies!  Grow your career in exploring challenging problem spaces like machine learning, big data and ‘simply’ writing responsive and elegant software that performs at enormous scale!  Collaborate with like-minded developers who do all of this while working in a fun and dynamic environment! 

Our Stack 

All of this data collection and filtering requires intelligent data storage, primarily in non-relational data stores within AWS, including DynamoDB, Redis, and our column-oriented data store on top of S3.  We also use Redshift and Redshift Spectrum (with Parquet/S3).  We use MySQL in RDS for core relational data.   We work in Python - it’s a versatile tool.  

All of our heavy lifting is done within AWS, leveraging Chef and EC2 Autoscaling groups to handle changing loads without human intervention. 

We have hired engineers from a variety of different backgrounds and have found that sharp engineers can identify shared concepts and quickly adapt to the new stack, so don’t worry if your background does not include some of these technologies.  

We'd Love for You to Have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience/training
  • At least 6 years of software development experience - more is great, too!
  • Experience designing substantial software components and features
  • Hands on experience in leading projects or being a significant contributor to software delivery
  • Demonstrated passion and experience solving distributed systems problems
  • Excellent communication and mentoring skills
  • An enthusiasm for learning and solving complex problems
  • A desire to invest in yourself and a team over time - we’re in it for the long haul

In Return, We'll Provide:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k matching
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Incentive stock options
  • Orca pass

Please send resumes to