Regional Sales Manager


About the candidate/role:

·         senior sales experience with emphasis on technical selling (7+ years)

·         security domain background

·         software engineering background (plus)

·         device manufacturing background

·         early stage product sales experience

·         early product/market fit sales experience (i.e., product is not complete for all use cases)

·         self sufficiency

·         ability and desire to cover full sales cycle from setting targets, lead generation to qualification, fulfillment and closing/procurement

·         vertical domain background — i.e. specialization in manufacturing, health care, energy, etc. with existing customer relationships

·         travel estimated 50%

·         sales operations process experience

·         ability to coordinate with partner/biz dev and hybrid selling

·         enterprise selling experience

·         team player with ability to operate independently

·         ability to become player/coach to grow a team

We’re looking for people who deeply understand the development organizations considerations and eco-system               

·         Sold security solutions to manufacturers – Rapid7, Synopsys (and ex Black Duck) ,Blackberry, Veracode.

·         Sold static code analysis solutions – Fortify (HPE), Klocwork, Coverity (Synopsys).        

·         Sold security services to manufacturers or telco  – either huge companies (Big4, Accenture) or boutique (Praetorian, Red Balloon, Trail of Bits).

·         Sold OS and Chips for manufacturers – EX Cadence, Qualcomm, Ambarella, Nordic, NXP.

·         Build strategic relations with manufacturers – cloud infrastructure account managers from Google, Amazon or Microsoft who led manufactures infrastructure accounts.

·         Product security leader from a leading organizations – Philips, GE, General Dynamics. 


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