relationship structure

Every client and engagement is unique, so we offer several different solutions to address each need.  Below are our three most common ways of working with you:

Monthly Focus At A Fixed Rate:

This is our favorite way of doing business because we become a true partner in the search process, taking on an advisory role and offering many services to our clients to make the hiring process easier and more efficient.  During times of extreme growth some clients need additional focus and attention from our team. We can offer a monthly charge with a discounted per head hire to address these situations.  This will result in significant savings for the client.

Retained Search:

Sticking with the theme of true partnership, we require an up front "retainer" to kick off the agreement.  Companies will pay us a fixed fee upon signing the agreement, and the fee will go towards the first placement.  This way you still get the benefit of a contingent type search, but our dedication to you as a top priority.

 Contingent Search:

We put our money where out mouth is, so to speak. You only pay us if we make a placement. This is the most common industry relationship, and we like doing business this way as well, since it gives us a chance to prove we know what we are doing, and can bring you the top candidates.